Take the Challenge

"I’m fighting to get in the best shape of my life" Dean

"I’m fighting to start my career and sell more books" Mason

"I’m fighting to make my family and community stronger" Hasan

"Being recently married I'm fighting for financial security doing work I enjoy." Luke

"I fighting to have a successful career that I love" Garett

"I’m fighting to grow my business." Josh

"I’m fighting to have a better relationship with my parents." Matthew


  • I have tears in my eyes, literally. It's not so much because I'm in a tough spot right now. It's more because at so many times in my life I HAVE been there and needed to have someone say those exact things to me. I have Crohn's disease and am involved in many FB support groups. Sometimes I need them and sometimes they need me. At least several times a week I see posts from people who can't take the pain, doctors don't listen, they can't work anymore, their spouse left them, etc. These audio lessons are everything.

    Thank you!